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RC Mod

The RC mod is a mod made for the Attack on Titan Tribute Game, and currently the most popular mod. It is one of the mods Feng Lee has accepted as a usable mod. The link to the mod is here It does’t contain ANY types of viruses so its safe to use.

The game has no need of Unity web player, only thing is internet if you want to play in multiplayer.

Level Skin is a setting that lets the player customize the appearance of one of the existing maps.

Titan Skin lets the player decorate the titan’s skin, making them look different.

Settings include 3 semi menus. Titan, PVP, and Misc. With Titan you can decide how many spawn, how to kill them, and what spawns. With PVP you decide if bombs are on, if Infection is on, or if team PVP is on. In Misc you can change the titans per wave, maximum waves, re spawn times, horses, and the message of the day. Also includes Nape health, nape armor, # of titans.

  • Titan Settings
  • PVP settings
  • Misc Settings

Allows the player to custom bomb radius, as well as color.

Human Skins allow the player to customize EVERYTHING about the character’s appearences. The images need to be uploaded via internet photo sharing links, however. Only other RC Mod users can see your skin, including yourself.

Rebinds let you change what controls activate what moves. You can customize the Human controls, The Player Titan controls, and the Horse controls.

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